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Sports Hypnosis

One area that hypnosis has been used to great effect but is completely under the radar is sports performance. Elite athletes will use almost anything to gain that big or small mental edge over an opponent or team. Occasionally you will hear about a professional athlete working with a hypnotherapist, but for the most part it’s rare to hear of. The reason is that elite athletes aren’t motivated to share their performance secrets with the competition. One thing that many coaches and athletes know is that Hypno-coaching is quite useful for sports performance and they use it to their advantage. The same people also understand that when an athlete hits a performance plateau or goes into a slump they can use hypnosis in order to get back on track or reach the next level. Did you know that Olympic athletes, and superstars such as Michael Jordan, and Tiger woods have used hypnosis? Sports Hypnosis can be a great tool for any athlete, at any level, who is trying to get a boost.

Some of the great strengths of hypnosis are:

Ability to (re)focus attention.
Increased Confidence.
Increased motivation.
Changing past negative perceptions or self-talk.
Releasing anxiety and fears.
Enhanced visualization.

Sometimes on our own our routines grow stale, or we lose sight of the joy, and passion that drove us to be successful in the first place. For some one bad game, result, or finish can lead to a lose of self-confidence and completely derail them. Hypnosis can be that great fix to a poor technique, the loss of confidence in the “big moment”, or it can be that “next level” boost to help you achieve your goals. Top Athletes need to be both physically and mentally prepared to succeed.

Performance surfing

Performance surfing

Our perception is everything. We way we talk to ourselves informs the way we think. If we are not confident it will spill over into our performance. If we are reacting out of fear of past performances in our approach we will fail again and again. However, If we can reprogram our negative perceptions to implement positive confidence building approaches to how we think, feel, and speak we are able to surmount old ways of being and reach our potential.

If you’d like to get back your edge, or boost and maintain your already high level of performance give hypnosis a shot.

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