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Anxiety/Stress/Internal peace

  • Do you find yourself in a state of restlessness and irritation?
  • Have you taken on too much?
  • Does thinking about a particular situation or interaction cause you to feel panicky?
  • Is anxiousness interfering with your social relationships, job, or school?
  • Is stress making you sick?
  • Are you often fatigued?
  • Are you having body pains that seem to be related to stress?
  • Can you no longer enjoy fun?

Stress Free

Stress causes more harm than one would expect. The physiological effects of stress can lead to a myriad of physical symptoms. Often stress is the culprit for mystery ailments that people experience (Somatization) and doctors have no explanation for why they occur. Headaches, back pain, stomach ailments such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are a few of the frequent issues that stress can create. Are you tired of the way you are feeling?

Make a change. Unplug yourself from demands while still being responsible. Create a new more balanced you!

With the busy state of every day life, many people feel overwhelmed and anxious. Learn how to relax into a calm state where the external pace no longer pulls you along at its own speed. Gain the confidence to be socially secure and trust your inner wisdom to get you through stressful situations. With Hypnosis you can conquer issues such as test anxiety, and stressful social situations like public speaking among many other issues. I can tech you self hypnosis techniques to help control your stress and anxiety.

You have the power to free yourself of anxiousness! If you do, what will your life look like?

Addictive Behaviors

  • Do you smoke but just don’t have the willpower to quit?
  • Do you use alcohol or drugs to take a break and escape?
  • Are you drawn to a person who is not good for you?

Addictive Behaviors

For many reasons, we repeat thoughts and behaviors that suffocate our minds and bodies. Somehow, we think that one day we will get a different result or response, but we never do. Are you tired of remaining stagnant because changing feels out of your control. Do you want to be free of the mud that you are stuck in?

Let go of the life preserver that is keeping you afloat. It is keeping you in the same place. You have the skills to swim, and if you don’t, I’ll help teach you. I’ll hold the light until you are sure of your path and trust your own way.

Smoking Cessation:

Did you know that of all of the preventable deaths in the US smoking is by far the biggest cause of disease and death of Americans? Cigarettes are the cause the death for over 480,000 people in the United States EVERY YEAR. Secondhand smoke alone kills 41,000 Americans. Imagine how many people (including children) develop smoking related diseases from something they are unwittingly exposed to? On top of that smokers are contributing to massive medical costs estimated at $300 billion a year. If you are reading this and you smoke you also know it is costing you quite a bit of money out of your own pocket each and every day.

[I have included the Center For Disease Controls in the links page if you would like to learn more about smoking statistics]

An effective hypnosis technique is using hypnosis for smoking; many a smoker has found success with this method. Stop smoking hypnotherapy helps to remove the body’s craving for nicotine and reinforce those feelings over time. It’s estimated that the average smoker tries to stop at least five times before being successful – hypnosis is often the method that works when others have failed. I have an easy and effective technique for people who are motivated to stop smoking. If you are struggling to quit smoking and have tried other remedies i.e. The Patch, Niqorette gum etc why not give hypnosis a try? It’s fast and effective. While not everyone who tries hypnosis automatically becomes a non-smoker it has some amazing results for casual and hard core smokers alike who are literally “dying to stop smoking”. The cost of and time spent for hypnosis is incomparable to other stop smoking remedies. Many people are shy about telling others that they have gone to see a hypnotherapist. However, I get many many referrals from past clients for their friends, family members, and co-workers etc who have used my hypnosis technique with great results.


Food Issues and Weight Loss

  • Do you eat a lot of sugar?
  • Is food becoming a bigger and bigger part of your life?
  • Are you an emotional eater?
  • Are you trapped by a negative self image?
  • Are you tired of being in your body in your present state?

Learn how to trust your body again. Separate your emotions from your eating habits. Create or recreate a loving relationship for yourself with food. Let’s nourish your soul with what it needs to be fed.


  • Do you have pain that you wish you would go away?
  • Do you have a medical condition for which you have doctor’s treatment, but you could use more help with pain management?
  • Do you have chronic pain or recurring episodic pain?
  • Are you an athlete dealing with nagging pain that hinders you from being your best?

Chronic Pain

I am not minimizing the manifestation of physical pain. Pain can have biological origins and be a physical issue. At the same time, pain can be exacerbated by our state of mind and the way that we view it. Stress, relational issues, fatigue and many more aspects about our belief system with respect to pain can make the sensations worse.
With specific visualizations, let me help you to remove, minimize or bring down the intensity of pain so that it is no longer in the forefront of your life.



  • Do you have a hard time sleeping?
  • Do you lay there night after night, tossing and turning?
  • Is it hard for you to shut off your brain?
  • Are you exhausted in the morning?

Let’s work together to find a way to quiet your mind and train your body to follow. Through guided imagery and specific techniques, you can teach your mind and body to let go and enter a state of deep relaxation. Hypnosis for insomnia can be a great relief for people who suffer from a chronic lack of sleep.
You can do it! You have the map. Perhaps you have simply forgotten how to read it. I’ll help to figure out the obstacles and clear the path so that you can get the sleep you deserve.

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