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Happy Holiday

Have fun this holiday weekend. Please, be careful out on the roads, use judgement and moderation if you are drinking. You don’t want to see statistics for 4th of July accidents in the US. Just know that they are off the chart.


Hypnosis Anesthesia

This article from CBS News was just brought to my attention by the esteemed Dr. Micheal Yapko. It’s always heartening to see other medical professionals using hypnosis to mitigate pain and promote healing with their patients instead of powerful drugs. This article centers on hospitals in Belgium that treat patients for thyroid, and breast cancer… Read More


RightMind Therapy has Moved

New Address

RightMind Therapy has moved to a newly remodeled and easily accessible location in downtown Mission Valley. Our New Address is: 2333 Camino Del Rio South, Suite.#160, San Diego, CA 92108. https://www.google.com/maps/place/2333+Camino+Del+Rio+S,+San+Diego,+CA+92108/@32.767642,-117.1424307,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x80d9551b6c2c2deb:0xbd154c79f4a26b8a


Mindfulness Therapy

4.21.2015 NPR news recently covered a story on Mindfulness. It’s definitely the catch phrase for therapy these days but it’s not just the next fad. Mindfulness is a practice that can effectively combat depression studies are showing. It’s as effective as anti-depressants and good for you. It’s a way of living in the moment. It’s… Read More



Sports Hypnosis

One area that hypnosis has been used to great effect but is completely under the radar is sports performance. Elite athletes will use almost anything to gain that big or small mental edge over an opponent or team. Occasionally you will hear about a professional athlete working with a hypnotherapist, but for the most part… Read More


Is Guided Mindful Meditation (GMM) the same as hypnosis?

The concept of Mindfulness has come up quite a lot in the last several years in the healing communities (including psychotherapy). It originates in the teachings of Buddhism, but a secularized version of this “thought practice” has caught on in a big way in the United States. It has even made it’s way in to psychological theoretical practices… Read More


Medical Hypnosis Effectiveness Study

Medical Hypnosis Effectiveness Study. I always like to search the web for interesting articles on Hypnotherapy and found this one recently. This article speaks to my own experience with clients who have been able to make remarkable changes in their life through the use of hypnotherapy. The hypnotic trance state seems to literally open the… Read More


Dental hypnotherapy – A story from a dentist

Like many dentists, I have been interested in the potential for hypnotherapy to benefit my patients, my practice and myself, but never found the right kind of course, designed for using hypnosis in general dental practice. This is where the Institute of Hypnotherapy for Medical and Dental Practice (IHMDP) comes in, offering practical courses specifically… Read More


Chronic Pain and Hypnosis

A medical report from ABC Newcastle, Australia Updated September 16, 2011 16:25:43 Chronic pain is when pain occurs for most days of the week and for longer than three months. Chronic pain is when pain occurs for most days of the week and for longer than three months. A visiting American pain expert says hypnosis… Read More


Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Does hypnosis work for weight loss? Yes, hypnosis for weight loss has been a proven success. Weight loss hypnosis is a relatively new technique, and it can be extremely effective, especially when combined with a sensible diet and exercise. Hypnosis works so well because most overweight people have a real want to “lose” weight –… Read More

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